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We are a congregation of about 235 members that confess our salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ. Being a Reformed church, we find our roots in the great Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century that began with Martin Luther and spread throughout Europe, England, and Scotland. That reformation brought the church back to the teachings of the Bible that had been abandoned, and “reformed” the church, or formed the church anew.

It is our chief delight and desire to serve and glorify the one true God, and Him alone, in every part of our lives. We are able to do this only through the salvation God has provided us in Jesus Christ and by the work of the Holy Spirit. Our guide for serving God is the Bible, the inspired Word of God, without error. The Bible is the only authority to guide us in what we are to believe and how we are to live.

Essential to our mission as a church is to preach the Word of God as it centers on Jesus Christ. We gather twice each Sunday for worship. The preaching of God’s Word is the emphasis of our worship services. Pastor James Slopsema serves our congregation by diligently fulfilling his calling to preach the Word of Truth and to minister to the needs of the church.

By God’s grace, we strive to be witnesses of Jesus Christ to those around us and to the world at large. We participate in the support of missionaries in the United States and abroad, sponsor radio programs, distribute Biblical literature, and seek to let our light shine by living lives devoted to our Savior.